With the escalating rates in car rentals, it is certain that there are times wherein the rate is no longer worth the suitability and ease. And it is definite that one of the major things that are contributing to the high car rental rates is the price of the gasoline. But then again, what most people don't realize is that the high price in car rental is mainly due to the hidden charges. And these charges can definitely add about 50 percent of what you are going to pay for.

Almost all of the car rental companies will not inform you about this matter, but a great deal of the hidden charges are voluntary. You can save your money by way of having the hidden charges be taken away from your car rental bill. In this article, you will learn about what are these hidden charges, what they denote and how you can remove them.

The airport taxes as well as surcharges is what the car hire companies will charge you with additional money because of the expedience that comes from getting your car straight at the airport. This extra service composes about 10 percent of your entire car rental bill. The main reason why the company will increase your car rental bill if you will ask them to have the car delivered to the airport is because of the taxes as well as concession fees. And the car rental agencies are ask to pay for the concession fees to the airport management once they bring the car to the airport. And also, they will be asked to pay for the business tax at the local government for doing a business transaction at the airport.

A lot of the airports and a couple of rental companies will offer free shuttle services that have fixed routes. And in order to remove these hidden charges from the car rental bill, it is advisable that you make use of this free service and have the car placed somewhere that is far from the airport. In this way, the car rental decreases cost and you will not be charged for an additional service. You might want to visit this website at and find out more about car rentals.

Loss damage waiver or collision damage is the addition 10 to 25 dollars you need to pay every day so as to prevent any liabilities for the damages of the car rental given that the damage was not caused by gross carelessness.


Almost all of the car insurances and credit card insurances will take in Auckland Car Rental as part of their usual coverage. So check if your insurance company covers the car rental.